Anonymous asked: tell us 20 facts about yourself

Yay I love questions like this ok here we go :-)

  1. I was born in England 
  2. I moved to New Zealand 4 years ago
  3. I currently sell jewellery at a store called the Warehouse
  4. I have a kitten named Archie
  5. I am currently flatting with two people
  6. My hair colour at the moment is Purple
  7. I’m OBSESSED with watching youtubers like Zoella, Tyler Oakley, graveyardgirl etc
  8. My favourite season is Winter
  9. My favourite food is lasagna 
  10. I’m buying the Sims 4 on Wednesday
  11. My favourite song at the moment is your body is a wonderland by John Mayer
  12. I earn almost $18.50 per hour at work
  13. Friends is my favourite tv show
  14. I had sex with a 30 year old last night
  15. I have seen Paramore live 3 times. I have also seen You me at six, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Taylor swift, Enter Shikari and a few others live.
  16. My favourite movie is Shaun of the dead
  17. I have been to a few places: Turkey, Cyprus, Ibiza, France, Ireland.
  18. My two talents are kissing and giving freaking AMAZING blowjobs
  19. I wear glasses
  20. I want to visit Italy so bad